Sega Saturn Phoenix emulator project

by Denis aka Dagolar ""

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Request for help!

Need someone who knows sh2 asm a little, to help me rewrite some of the z80 emu core functions to sh2 asm (z80 core already have support for x86 asm, just want to rewrite it for sh2). This probably makes emu a little faster.

There are some thinking on rewriting x86 asm to sh2 (txt)

This is the source for z80 emu core (zip)

Small manual on z80(txt)

Please, if you can help, mail me at

New version. Removed glitched off-screen buffer. Fixed palette issues. Added frame skip control (left shift - frame skip "-", right - frame skip "+"). Added cd tools into archive. So you can build ISO right from archive (just provide it your legal rom and edit satclays.cti for paths). And read readme.txt.

SMS emu version 2

Please report of any glitches.

Ok, here it comes. First public version of sms plus emu port for saturn. It's without rom included - you must use your legal rom, all instruction on building iso image are in readme.txt

SMS emu1

Please report how it's working.

New version - new screenshots. Colors decoding are works ok

screen 1

screen 2

screen 3

screen 4

SMS on Saturn is reality!

screen 1

screen 2

screen 3

screen 4

screen 5

screen 6

screen 7

Yes! Beta 7 "scroll". Background scrolling works ok now! Possibly fixed some other old gfx bugs. Speed optimisation from 6.1. removed (it was frameskipping - but there is no need in it, becasue slow part is still z80 core emulation). Please report how it works and if there any bugs


BETA7 source

New version - beta61 "speed". It's used optimisation by TakaIsSilly. Please, check how it's fast, compared to previous version

BETA61 "SPEED" iso

Updated version beta6 with cleaned and centered screen (no garbage for now). It works ok on real Saturn (Thanks to John M Fudacz)

BETA6 iso

BETA6 source

Wooohooooo! The SAFE version 2 works on real Saturn. Yes!! Thanks to John M Fudacz and mal for testing

SAFE version 2. Possibly it will crash - but maybe not. So, if you can - check and report :)

SAFE version 2

Warning! again :( Seems that even SAFE version crash on real Saturn... So, really need a help with this bug.

SAFE version (for use on real Sega Saturn) is uploaded. Please, report how it's working

New beta (0.5beta) uploaded. Also check gallery of screenshots from lastest version

Warning! The last beta version dont work on real saturn. (it works on SSF emulator, but crash on real saturn). Later, i will try to upload "safe" version

Uploaded new version by me. It have both layers working - foreground and background. Yes! :) Don't forget that there is no background in "attract" mode. Insert coin, press start 1p and wait :)

New version by TakaIsSilly which now shows real GFX (no background layer yet). Look for the cool screenshot!

Uploaded another Phoenix emulator sources (not for saturn :) ), which are more advanced than Jim version.

SAFE version ISO (use on real Sega Saturn)

0.5beta ISO

0.5beta source code

Gallery of screenshots from 0.5beta

New version by me, have almost full gfx!! Background working!

sources for my version

Screenshot of my version (little glitches with grabbing)

Screenshot 1 of my version (little glithces with grabbing)

Screenshot 2 of my version

New version by TakaIsSilly with real GFX!!!

Source code for TakaIsSilly emulator

Screenshot of TakaIsSilly version!

Source code for version with background layer working (err. somewhat working) (debug only)

Use Daemons tools and SSF emulator for testing those files

(Please, to download files, left click on links below)

ISO image of 2nd version

2nd source code

ISO image of 1st version

Source code 1st version

Original source by Jim Skilskys v.6 with GFX emulation

Original source by Jim Skilskys first version with pseudographics

Another Phoenix emulator sources (more advanced then Jim Skilskys version)

Phoenix roms

Cut from "Arcade emulation How-to" about writing Phoenix emu

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6